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Dr. Kimberly Bensen

Dr. Kimberly Bensen, BS, DC, CCSP, DACBSP

Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer College Chiropractic West
Certified Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Practitioner,
Nutritionist, Certified Meditation Instructor
Developer and Practicioner of The TMJ Therapy
Devoloper and Presentor of The TMD Seminar

Over many years of study, research, development, and application, Dr Bensen has created
'The TMJ Therapy'.
A non-surgical, non-invasive alternative holistic approach for
TMJ/TMD pain, symptoms and dysfunction

100% of patients reported an average of 80% decrease in overall symptoms within 1 month!

Experience Summary:
  • 11 years of post high school education, including BS Nutrition, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Sports Injury & Rehabilitation Physician, MS eq. Physiology
  • 25 years Chiropractor/Owner
  • 9 years in 3-Dental Offices as TMJ Specialist
  • 7 years Semi-Pro Football Team Doctor, winning awards in excellence
  • 7 years On-Field Doctor for various football teams
  • 9+ years collective teaching experience (Neurology, Biology, Anatomy, Spinal Anatomy, Aerobics, Swimming, Physical Exams, Chiropractic Technique)
  • Creator/Owner 'Physicals on Field'
  • Creator/Owner/Doctor 'The TMJ Therapy' Clinic
  • Creator/Owner/Presenter 'The TMD Seminar'
  • Author: 'The TMJ Therapy' for Healthcare Providers (2015), and 'The TMJ Therapy Guidebook' for Patients (2013,2020)
  • Contributing Author Dental Textbook "Contemporary Management of Temporomandibular Disorders: Current Concepts and Emerging Opportunities " (2020)
  • Certified Meditation Instructor, Certified EFT Instructor
  • Speaker: multiple venues
  • Chiropractor: "CATS" musical, San Jose
  • 'Who's Who' in American Colleges & UniversitiesMemberships: National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, TMJ Org. , Facial Pain Assoc., California Chiropractic Assoc. Board memb
Speaking Events and Seminars Given and Taken:
5/21 THE TMD SEMINAR -2 hour CEU for California Chiropractic Assoc.
4/21 PCCW Inspriational and Educational Mentorship Talk
2020 THE TMD SEMINAR given:
10/20 ZOOM 12 hour Continuing Education
2019 THE TMD SEMINAR given:
8/19 San Jose, CA
1/19 San Jose, CA
2018 THE TMD SEMINAR -4 hour ACA Chiropractors (CEU) La Quinta, CA
6/18 "TMD and Whiplash" PI Expert Institute Symposium, San Jose, CA
2018 THE TMD SEMINAR given:
5/18 San Jose, CA2/18, San Jose, CA
2018 Seminars Attended
x/18 Ethics and Jurisprudence
6/18 Bruce Lipton, LCCW
2017 THE TMD SEMINAR given:
Chiropractors (CEU), DDS, PTs, MDs, Students
4/17 San Jose, CA
2/17 Austin, TX
2/17 San Antonio, TX School of Neurology for Sleep Neurologist/DDS
2/17 Houston, TX

2017 Seminars Attended 9/17 TMD Seminar, Mike Karageannes PT (16 hrs) Chicago, IL

7/17 EFT 2 - Emotional Freedom Technique

6/17 EFT 1 - Emotional Freedom Technique

4/17 Imaging for Rheumatic Arthritis (Abbvie)

3/17 CCA DC Ethics and Jursiprudence

2016 THE TMD SEMINAR given:
for Chiropractic Continueing Education
3/16 Santa Rosa, Ca
4/16 Santa Barbara, CA
9/16 San Jose, CA
2016 Seminars attended:
11/16 SOT TMJ/Cranial, Milpitas, CA
x/16 Ethics and Jurisprudence
2015 Seminars attended:
3/15 University of the Pacific, San Francisco, CA
Steven Olmos, DDS 'Treatment of Craniofacial, TMJ Pain and Sleep Disorders'
William Hang, DDS 'Orthodontics in TMJ, Pain and Sleep Apnea'
6/15 LCCW TMJ and Extremities
10/15 CCA Ethics and Jurisprudence
given for Chiropractic and Dental Continuing Education (CEU)
1/15 San Jose, CA
4/15 Redding, CA
5/15 San Jose, CA
8/15 San Jose, CA
10/15 San Jose, CA
3/15 Santa Clara County Dental Society Meeting/study group (15 attendees) (The TMJ Therapy, 45min)
4/15 Palmer West Chiropractic College (100 attendees) (Philosophy, 30 min)

2014 as Guest Speaker 10/14 Palmer College Chiropractic West Women's Forum
10/14 SantaClara County Dental Society Meeting/study group (45 attendees)
10/14 California Chiropractic Association, Burlingame, CA
11/14 California Chiropractic Association, Orange County, CA

CranioVertebral/CranialMandibular Pathophysiology (48 hours)
TMJ and Sleep Therapy Research (16 hours)
CCA Ethics and Jurisprudence, Orange County, CA ( 4 hours)

2014 THE TMD SEMINAR given: for Chiropractic Continuing Education (CEU):
1/14 Walnut Creek, CA
2/14 San Jose, CA
2/14 Santa Barbara, CA
3/14 San Francisco, CA
3/14 Phoenix, AZ
4/14Monterey, CA
5/14 San Jose, CA
5/14 San Francisco, CA
6/14 San Jose, CA
7/14 San Jose, CA
8/14 San Francisco,CA
9/14 San Jose, CA
11/14 San Jose, CA

Guest Speaker:

  • Chiropractic Symposium: PCCW Women in Sports Practice2008, PCCW Homecoming 2013, 2014
  • Palmer West: 13th quarter Practice Expectations, 1999-now
  • Santa Clara Dental Society, 2009, 2014
  • Various Chiropractic Clubs: various topics


1/13-present: Developer, Owner, and Doctor
2242 Camden Ave., #104, San Jose, CA 95124

4/15-11/15: Larson Dental, 498 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA

1/13-present: Deveoloper and Presentor THE TMD SEMINAR


  • 6/10- present: Owner, BensenBlueprint: The TMJ Therapy
  • (research/development in TMJ examination, treatment, and management system of TMJ disorders)
  • Created a lecture series for healthcare practitioners
WhatsCooking?, Monte Sereno, CA
  • 11/11-11/15: Owner, Nutritional Consultant
  • Nutritional counsel, menu planing and development
Family and Athletic Alignment Chiropractic Center, Sunnyvale, CA
  • 4/01-6/10: Owner, Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Palmer Package and Activator Certified
  • NeuroMuscularReEducation (soft tissue rehabilitation)
  • Rehabilitation, proprioception, US, MNS physiotherapies
  • X-ray taking and interpretation, evaluation and review of findings, treatment, nutrition, ergonomic evaluation
Physicals On Field, Sunnyvale, CA
  • 4/04-6/10: Owner, Doctor
  • Developed protocol for efficient, thorough process of performing sports physicals
  • Recruit and train/certify interns/doctors to perform
  • sports physicals on and off field
Practice Evaluations, Sunnyvale, CA
  • 4/04-present: Owner, Facilitator & Consultant
  • Evaluation, consultation, facilitator for buyer and seller of chiropractic practices
Tranquility Dental Spa, Santana Row, CA
  • 8/05-8/09: TMJ Specialist
  • Worked with dental team to reduce TMD damage/symptoms
  • Developed unique method of examination, treatment, rehabilitation, and management protocol
Pop Warner Football, Santa Theresa, CA
  • 8/04-6/10: Official Team Doctor
Life College of Chiropractic West, Hayward, CA
  • 1/03-2005: Lecturer/Clinician Spinal Anatomy
  • 7/03-2005: Lecturer Neurologic Diagnosis
James Lick High School Football team, San Jose, CA
  • 9/03-12/03: On-Field Team Doctor
San Francisco City College, San Francisco, CA
  • 10/02-10/06: Guest Lecturer/Clinician, Lab Anatomy
South Bay Buccaneers, Semi Pro Football team, San Jose, CA
  • 3/97-9/06: On-Field Team Doctor
  • Taped, Stretched, Examined, First Aid, Emergency medical, Chiropractic treatment, Advised, Clear for play
AAFL, Semi Pro League, San Jose, CA
  • 2002, 2003, 2004: All Star Team Doctor
  • Taped, Stretched, Examined, First Aid, Emergency medical, Chiropractic treatment, Advised, Clear for play
Palmer College of Chiropractic West, San Jose, CA
  • 4/00-4/01: Instructor/Clinician
  • Clinical application of Initial Examination and Chiropractic Technique
Spinal and Sports Care Center, Mountain View, CA
  • 9/97-4/01 Self Employed, Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Developed and proceeded with examination/treatment plan
  • X-ray positioning, evaluation and review of findings
Spinal and Sports Care Center Mountain View, CA
  • 9/96-9/97 Employed, Associate Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Developed treatment plan with examination
  • treated 120 patients/week
  • X-ray positioning, evaluation and review of findings


  • Chiropractic board of California #25656
  • State of California Department of Health Services
  • Radiography X-ray Supervisor and Operator

Post Graduate Certifications

  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner
  • 120 hours post-graduate studies and exam
  • Diplomate of American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physicians/Practitioners
  • 212 hours post-graduate studies completed
  • (without exam)

General Certifications

  • Activator Techniques
  • Diversified Techniques
  • Palmer Technique Package
  • NeuroMusclularReEducation
  • Meditation Certification
  • EFT Certification (in progress)
  • Aerobics Instructor
  • Swim Instructor
  • Water Safety Instructor/Lifeguard
  • Active CPR for the Health Care Professional

Current Memberships

  • California Chiropractic Association
  • TMJ Organization
  • Facial Pain Association
  • National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

Various other positions included in request addendum:

Management, Vice President, catering, personal training, nutritional and weight-loss/management advising. Ran 2 marathons (26.2 miles each), trained for tri-athalon, led various exercise groups in hikes, walks, runs, specific fitness routines.

Practice Paradigm:

Chiropractic focuses on neurological & musculo-skeletal integrity,

and aims to favorably impact health and well-being,

relieve pain and infirmity, enhance performance,

and improve quality of life

without drugs or surgery!


  • Back to Chiropractic and Nutrition, SJ, CA USA
  • SOT Conference, Nashville, TN USA
  • Global Women's Conference, Istanbul, Turkey
  • European Chiropractic Union, Malaga, Spain
  • Professional and personal references available upon request.