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If you have one or a combination of any of these, you may have TMJ disorder (TMD). The "T" in TMD stands for the Temple, "M" for the mandible or jaw, and "D" for a disorder within this joint complex. This disorder is usually due to an overuse or imbalance of this system, a bite deficiency, stress, oral habits, ergonomics,and your overall postural structure.

You may be a candidate for 'The TMJ Therapy' is you suffer from any of these symptoms. Schedule a consultation to thoroughly discuss your symptoms with Dr. Bensen, create an action plan, and begin immediately to get the relief you need!

View the links listed on the sideline of the above picture. These are pages and excerpts from the most comprehensive guidebook for patient management of their symptoms: 'The TMJ Therapy: Patient's Guidebook' written by Dr. Kimberly Bensen.
If you would like to order the book "The TMJ Therapy: Patient's Guidebook" Click here.