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Doctor price with 12 CEU: $599

Student price: $299

The doctor will leave with a better understanding of:

-The TMJ System of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathomechanics

-Understand the 6 major components of TMD

-Symptom presentations and case studies


-Developing a working diagnosis with treatment plan

-Differential diagnosis

-Dialoge with other TMD professionals to build collaborative communication

-DCs only: Adjustments, with appropriate exercises/stretches/rehab

-Up sell of the Tool Kit to educate patient on the necessary behavior modification, stretches and exercises, and supply the rehabilitative tools needed

- Making you the EXPERT while saving you hours of individual patient education and instruction

HOME CARE KIT contents:

Video subscription-2.5 hrs of LifeStyleLessons on: Behavior Modification, Oral habits, Posture and Ergonomics, Nutritional Considerations, Stress reductions, Bruxism reduction, Benifits of Chiropractic Care

Guidebook to educate about TMJD and the behavior modification needed

Workbook outlining progressive exercises, stretches and behavior modifiction tips

Heat and ice packs

Masseter/temporalis massager

Ptyterigoid stretching appliance

Neuromuscular Retraining Kit

Neck traction device with protocol instructions

Posture Perfector garment


Doctor Kit

Gloves, tongue depressors, cotton bite test, disposable TMJ measuring devices, TMJ bi-joint stethoscope, reusable Exam forms, pen, specific TMJ intake forms, pen light, tooth marker

2021 Seminar Dates and Locations

ZOOM 9:00am-3pm Saturday ZOOM

Location 9:00am-3pm Sunday Location

Chiropractors, Dentists, Physical Therapists,

Sleep Neurologists, & Soft Tissue Therapists

To register:

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or register online:

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January 23, 34
February 27,28
March 30,31
May 1,2
June 29,30
Saturday August 28 ZOOM and Hands on in San Jose, CA Sunday August 29
September 25, 26
October 30,31