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Los Gatos, CA
"I had problems with my hearing (for which my ENT specialist was no help), headaches and pain in my face, jaw, and neck . . . thankfully, I was referred to Dr. Bensen! She recognized that my symptoms stemmed from problems with the TM Joint. After just a few sessions, I'm feeling WAY better, I'm much more conscious of when I clench my jaw, my headaches are pretty much gone, and I have several new (better) habits! Dr. Bensen has a great personality, which just makes it all even more pleasant. I highly recommend her."

San Jose, CA
"Dr. Bensen is incredibly knowledgeable around my needs. She is super flexible with scheduling because she understands sometimes her patients need an appoinment outside of their regular schedule. She has helped control my migraines and TMJ issues with terrific results that improve my quality of life, everyday! I highly recommend Dr. Bensen to anyone struggling with TMJ issues, migraines, and neck/shoulder/back issues."

San Jose, Ca
"I've completed 7 sessions of tmj therapy. I had previously been to physical therapy, chiropractic and to a dentist. My jaw pain increased after making contact with an air bag in a vehicle accident. It was a constant pain and the tmj therapy has resolved/reduced it. My jaw has shifted into normal alignment. I am extemely impressed with dr. Bensen and her skills. She is super nice and cheerful to work with. If your having any jaw pain and or headaches, I highly recommend tmj treatment."